Megablast I+II / The Ancient Temple - 6/1991

Megablast I+II / The Ancient Temple
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SID tunes (HVSC base-dir)

  1. /MUSICIANS/T/Tel_Jeroen/Golden_Axe.sid
  2. /MUSICIANS/J/JCH/Blizzard.sid (loader)
  3. digi-tune (not in HVSC)
  4. /MUSICIANS/L/Link/Sanne.sid (loader)
  5. /MUSICIANS/K/Knatter/Inka_BTBB2_final_part.sid
  6. /MUSICIANS/D/DRAX/Thaw.sid (loader)
  7. digi-tune (not in HVSC)
  8. /MUSICIANS/L/Link/Hi-t_Soul.sid (loader)
  9. /MUSICIANS/J/JCH/Batman_short.sid
  10. /MUSICIANS/D/DRAX/Shithead.sid (loader)
  11. digi-tune (not in HVSC)
  12. /MUSICIANS/L/Link/Skyway_89.sid (loader)
  13. /MUSICIANS/T/Tel_Jeroen/Navy_Moves.sid
  14. /MUSICIANS/J/JCH/Spaceport.sid (loader)
  15. /MUSICIANS/M/Metal/Kedsomehed.sid
  16. /MUSICIANS/P/Prosonix/Hoff_Lars/Recovery.sid
  17. /MUSICIANS/J/JCH/Spaceport.sid (loader)
  18. /MUSICIANS/M/Mixer/SurSumTheme.sid
  19. /MUSICIANS/J/JCH/Hacktrick.sid (loader)
  20. /MUSICIANS/W/Wuiti/No_Future.sid
  21. /MUSICIANS/D/DRAX/House_Mix.sid (loader)
  22. /MUSICIANS/J/JCH/Horizon_Copy-Party.sid

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Homepage of The Ancient Temple

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8 8
7 7
7 7

Overall impression:
6.5 6.5


Another one for you oldschool lovers. A lot of you complained that the oldschool is underrepresented on the Demodungeon, so there you go!

To see the two parts of Megablast in one go, insert the Megablast II disk while the part with the interferences in Megablast I is running.

Download it!
(420 KB, d64, 3 disksides)