You Know The Routine / Camelot - 1/2004

You Know The Routine / Camelot
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SID tunes (HVSC base-dir)

  1. /MUSICIANS/D/DRAX/Dirt.sid
  2. /MUSICIANS/F/Fanta/Get-A-Way.sid
  3. /MUSICIANS/J/JCH/Heavy_Hit.sid
  4. /MUSICIANS/F/Fanta/Trip_to_Nowhere.sid
  5. /MUSICIANS/J/Jeff/Ode_to_C64.sid

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4 4
8.5 8.5
6 6

Overall impression:
8 8


Cruzer's comeback demo almost rocked my world. 5 new and improved routines put one after each other, and separated nicely by the spacebar. The music is recycled of old, previously released tunes, but at least it's a nice choice between old and rather new tunes. Especially Jeff's tune Ode To C64 now found a place it deserved.

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(94 KB, d64, 1 diskside)