Welcome to The Demo Dungeon!


Added Oh by the way, we're done with 2010!


Added We're done with 2009. On with 2010's highlights!



Added Vicious Sid / Soundemon, THCM and Mixer.
Also I finally co-assigned Panta Rhei to the group Instinct.




Now I'm also done reworking all the external references (aka links) and adding a Youtube video where I could find one. Stay tuned, we have more in the stack! :-P

Added Apparatus / Lepsi+Miracles
Also corrected a couple of dead links and added some Youtube videos. More to come. MUCH more! ;-)

Yes, it's been quiet the past few years, but I felt the need to do something like a final update. HVSC links needed fixing, so they all work again now. Next up is adding more demos and removing some others. Amiga Works I and II had to go, sorry Bonzai.

I'm late, I know. Here are the Top3 demos from X'08:
Edge of Disgrace / Booze Design
Natural Wonders 2 / Oxyron
Pearls for Pigs / Xenon
There's more to come, I'm in a mood for adding some demos recently.

Three new demos are here that shouldn't be missing in any good demo collection:
Barbaric / HAL
Circle Twist / BROS
And actually long ago added (but forgot to mention on the front page):
The Wild Bunch / Triad+Instinct+Horizon+Focus

Two new demos added:
Sweet Infection / Arise
Desert Dream / Chorus+Resource
Natural Wonders (final) / Oxyron

Things start moving again: Trans*Form /Focus is here to find its place in my olymp of godly demos.

Finally got around to add new content: Non Plus Ultra 64% /Singular
And while being at it, let's go through these external links and add more references and make them more consistent. Thanks for still sticking around!

Another 10 months have passed as if it was nothing. There's nothing revolutionary here, still. But at least the site's not completely dead. I'm still around and there are some nice demos in the pipeline waiting to get added here. Presently I'm fixing the HVSC links to the sidfiles and do a bit of a big spring clean. I noticed that a lot of demos here are really crap, more or less from the early days to have some filler stuff. I definitely had too much time to waste back then. ;-) Well, during the last weeks I deleted over 50 demos that weren't really bad, but not really good enough to be featured on a Best-Of-Commodore-64 website. I'm sure you won't notice what's missing and hope you appreciate the condensation of the content. Stay tuned, there's more to come.

It was long overdue, I know, and so I just added the demo Mortalis Arisen 100% /64ever , winner of the Primary Star party 2005.

Sorry for the long lack of updates, folks. The Demodungeon somehow slipped down my priority list step by step, it's hard to keep all your hobby projects running at full strength with the evil thing called Real Life (tm). But now I'm back with another spring clean of the Demodungeon. The following things have changed:
And there's more to come, so stay tuned!


Leon/Singular/Chorus, undoubtedly one of the best graphical artists on the present C64 scene, took the time to pixel another brilliant Demodungeon logo for me. It's called Lost in Paris.
Thanks a lot, Leon, I owe you one! :-)

Tsunami / Booze Design is here to impress you!


And another Triad demo made it onto the Demodungeon. If you, just like me, happen to like concept demos, check out The Throckmorton Device / Triad !


They did it again! Floppy 2005 brought some juicy stuff, and the first production is already here up on the Demodungeon.


Finally it's done: The Demodungeon V2 was launched! Instead of having boring static HTML pages for every single demopage it's now PHP/MYSQL driven, thanks to my old friend Thomas Hommel who used his temporary unemployment for a good cause, and without me even explicitely asking for it! ;-)
You won't notice too many differences, yet, but for now the main point is that I can add new demos much easier, which means that updates will come much more frequently than you're used to. At a later stage I'm hoping to get some bells and whistles added, like a search function, automatic Top10 page generation, etc. etc. But for now enjoy the new demos 303-305:

Of course all the non working SID links have been fixed after the release of the last HVSC update and I've also added all the RSID links now, so you can conveniently download these tunes without having to search the HVSC for them. SIDplug users, beware - it might crash your browsers if you click on these!

Springclean time - or whatever! Long time no update, I'm glad you're still visiting my site now and then. Since I was a little more involved in the HVSC during the last months I just couldn't find time and motivation to update the Demodungeon regularly. But now that we managed to release Update #40 of HVSC I immediately got to work on my other little baby again and added a few of the recent rul0r demos and also removed a few that couldn't really pass the test of time. See for yourself:

  • Guru Meditation #1 / Agony (wired pics, bah)
  • S.F.W.!? / AFL (just a boring onefiler)
  • Flames / Coma (nothing special really)
  • Hoth's two smallies (sorry, pal)
  • Breakthrough 2/Panic +Oblivion/Panic (both rather ugly 8x8 demos)
  • You Know The Routine / Camelot
  • You Know The Routine 2 / Camelot
  • Don't meet Crest / Crest
  • Embryo / Padua
More to came later this week.

Just a quick one inbetween, the HVSC paths had to be updated to be consistent with HVSC 5.7.
There are a couple more demos in my backlog which I'm planning to add soon. Seeya!