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Last updated on 16th of March 2015
Welcome to the Demodungeon! This is a website dedicated to the Commodore 64 and especially the demos that were made for it. Presently you can find 267 demos here.

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(If you want to be a online celebrity, too, send me your selfdrawn DEMO DUNGEON logo!)

Thanks to the following people:
  • Dane, JSL, Jailbird, Hoth and Leon for painting some great entry logos for my site! There's a random rotation, so every logo gets displayed up there sooner or later.
  • Luca, for writing that amazing Java tool that saved me tons of work and about two and a half years of time! ;-)
  • Laust-Brock Nannestad (the sidtunes you hear on my website are hosted by him)
  • Lunde, for spending numerous hours on porting the static HTML to PHP/MYSQL, awesome work, my friend!